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A Adoption Advocates of Georgia, Inc. assists our clients in completing either a domestic or international home study and post-placement visits. We also provide home study services and post placement services for families adopting through Hague accredited agencies.

Each of our social workers has extensive experience and knowledge of the home study process required for Hague Convention Countries and non-Hague Convention Countries listed below:

The United States (Interstate Compact, Agency and Private adoptions), Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Somalia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Pakistan, Liberia, India, Nepal, Serbia, Ghana, Guyana, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Guatemala, Columbia, Peru, Belize, Brazil, and Mexico.

Please contact us if you do not see the country you are planning to adopt from, and we will assess your home study needs and direct you accordingly.

Ashley A. Byers

Executive Director 

(770) 778-2751 

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